GRP Pipes Reveal No Signs Of Ageing After 33 Years

33 years of GRP


Exactly, you understood correctly: GRP pipes can be used in seawater projects and are totally corrosion-free.

Therefore, when I analyze seawater projects, I cannot imagine the use of any alternative material, other than GRP.

Why am I stating this?

Before I reveal the answer to you, I have an important piece of news to share with you.

The Jordan Ministry of Water and Irrigation has announced: “The Aqaba Amman Water Desalination and Conveyance Project (AAWDCP)”, which involves the “Design, Construction and Operation of a seawater intake and outfall pipeline system, as well as a conveyance pipeline and reservoir system for a 220 million m3/year capacity during the first phase.” (TED – Tenders Electronic Daily – 09/03/2020 – S48, European Investment Bank).

It would really be dramatic and unrealistic if the tender specifies the use of any other material instead of GRP.

So the answer to the above question lies in the unique advantages of GRP solutions, some of which I have outlined for you below:

  • Corrosion resistance;
  • Hydraulic efficiency;
  • Chemical resistance;
  • Ease of transport;
  • Ease to installation;
  • Maintenance-free

Now that you are aware of these unique features, I am sure that you also cannot imagine the use of any other material for seawater projects, other than GRP, especially if you are a pipeline designer or an end-user.

The key players involved in pipeline projects such as “The Aqaba Amman Water Desalination and Conveyance Project (AAWDCP)”, are certainly aware of the importance of installing pipelines with long lifespans.

Therefore, the only obstacle that I see for not using specifying and using GRP pipes for such projects could be the lack of information during the design phase, which can easily be solved through technical education sessions with our experienced engineering team.

TOPFIBRA is at your disposal to provide such support and advice.

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