Three incredible “DID YOU KNOW” facts about GRP pipes that will astonish you.

In this short article, I will show you three incredible facts about GRP pipes and how they can impact our lives in the future.

There are several reasons why GRP pipe solutions have been replacing conventional pipes in many countries, so this relatively new product should be kept in mind when evaluating a new pipe project or planning on revamping one.

So, let’s check those three facts about GRP pipes:


GRP pipes have an estimated lifespan of approx. 150 years.


The longest, still ongoing test was set up on October 4, 1978. The sample has now been exposed to the acid test for more than 40 years and reached an excellent safety margin, implying that the pipes could serve several future generations.


Through the application of our EFFECTIVE FILAMENT WINDING method, and controlling the resin temperature ON-LINE, our client’s raw-materials consumption on GRP pipe production was optimized and reduced by 5%, also increasing the pipe technical characteristics.


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