Why Imple​​ment The Effective Filament Winding® Technology?

In GRP technology, a unique recipe, a unique raw material, or a mix of raw materials that would ensure an optimal process or a perfect configuration of the Continuous Filament Winding process, which would work in any worldwide GRP production plant, does not exist.

For your GRP pipes to perform in the best possible way, they must be designed and produced with the infrastructure design and the installation conditions being taken into consideration. Different temperatures, different raw materials and different working conditions can’t be faced with the same GRP production plant layout, the same equipment, or the same recipes.

The implementation of the EFW® technology allows you to have a perfect understanding of the project requirements, and it will enable you to fine-tune your design and perform the right actions in the correct sequence.

How Is It Different Then Other Technologies?

Unfortunately, the Continuous Filament Winding providers that you usually find on the market try to sell you their products, promising high production speeds, complete know-how, and fantastic recipes. They are ready to give you a project proposal immediately without knowing all the GRP production site conditions.

If you eventually do not achieve the expected results in your GRP production, the reasons for the potential downfalls will be due to the raw materials or due to your personnel. Still, if you approach the raw material suppliers for assistance, they will tend to allocate the blame to the GRP plant equipment’s failure. At the end of the day, you will still have problems and no solutions.

Compared to that, the implementation of the EFW® technology and the data you collect through it allow you to know exactly where the problems lie and, in this way, help you decide on your next move to fix them.

Our EFW® Technology Works Through 3 Phases

Apply The EFW® Technology

The EFFECTIVE FILAMENT WINDING ® TECHNOLOGY allows you to simulate and choose the production strategy that is going to be the most profitable one for you in the medium and long-term.

Improve The Working Phases

Applying our EFFECTIVE FILAMENT WINDING® TECHNOLOGY, you will be able to detect and prevent these losses more rapidly, thanks to the EFW® Key Performance Indicators and EFW® Overall Effectiveness Indicators.

BOOST Your Profits

To immediately optimize your profit in the Filament Winding Industry, you need to have the perfect control of your industrial process, altering it when needed, and recording all the adjustments.

Which Steps Does Effective Filament Winding® Lead You Through?

Our Effective Filament Winding® Technology helps you perform the next steps:

  • implement the measurement of the correct data within your industrial process;
  • clearly define the results you need to achieve;
  • perform reverse engineering;
  • correct the activities that do not allow you to achieve the goal;
  • and finally, re-start the process again.

Additional Concepts That The Effective Filament Winding® Encompasses

  • be effective and only then you can be efficient;
  • fight against the statement: “We’ve always done it this way”;
  • develop a detailed understanding of your production process;
  • clearly define the results you need to achieve;
  • correct all the activities that don’t allow you to achieve these results;
  • re-start the process optimization loop once more.

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