In today’s dynamic business landscape, staying competitive in the Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) industry requires a fresh perspective. Traditional methods alone are no longer sufficient to maximize profitability and efficiency.

One of the recurring requests that I hear from many companies is: “I need to reduce the GRP production cost”.

Immediately after, they start explaining to me all the improvements that they have performed, with minimum or even zero results. The Production manager is under pressure, the team feels stressed.

Sounds familiar?

When I start to investigate the said improvements, the conclusion is the following: good improvements were implemented at the wrong moment.

After the explanation regarding the “wrong timing”, the following question usually posed to me is:

“How do I know when the moment is correct”?

Before I answer such a question, we need to agree that GRP production involves intricate processes and complex variables that directly impact quality, cost, and overall profitability.

Historically, GRP production has often relied on trial and error to fine-tune processes, select materials, and optimize production strategies. While this approach might have sufficed in the past, it is no longer adequate in today’s competitive market. With increasing complexities, stringent quality standards, and the need for cost-effective solutions, a reliance on guesswork is simply not sustainable.

What actions or steps do you need to take?

Enter a paradigm shift: Effective Filament Winding® (EFW®) Technology combined with data science principles. This revolutionary approach to GRP production binds the power of analytics, simulations, and predictive modeling to transform the way your GRP plant will operate.

It’s time for you to welcome a new era of informed decision-making.

By integrating EFW data science into the core of your GRP production, you will be able to simulate different scenarios and evaluate their impact before implementation.

Now, success can be calculated, predicted, and achieved with confidence.

The shift towards a data-driven approach in GRP production is not just a trend but a necessary evolution. Those who continue to rely solely on trial-and-error methods will struggle to keep pace with the demands of the market and you can be a step ahead, and unlock your full potential.

I will NEVER stop reiterating that you can:


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