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Achieve Maximum Plant Efficiency By Eliminating Downtimes

The importance of specialized ASSISTANCE and MAINTENANCE is underestimated! To achieve maximum plant efficiency you need to focus on the elimination of downtimes. Assistance and Maintenance are two important aspects of efficiency. Read more about the subject in our new EFW® blog post.

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Stop Playing The Guessing Game With GRP!

In the best interest of your business, your strategy to ensure success in the GRP market needs a rational and deep analytical approach. The Effective Filament Winding® Method is more than just a better way to design a complete manufacturing Plant, and design, produce and install GRP pipes. Read more about it here ...

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EFW Fimage Guessing Game

Facing The Water Scarcity Problem With GRP Pipes

The Impact of Climate Change on Water Resources Over the past decades, dramatic increases in population and quality of life have led to an ever-growing climate change. As you know, climate change has a huge impact on the water cycle and precipitation and, in this...

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Do You Know How to Create Positive Customer Experience?

Working in the industry for so long, I have learned how important maintenance is. It is actually one of the crucial areas in an organization, but also one of the most neglected ones. Lack of maintenance may result in frequent breakdowns and even loss of production....

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