The GRP Pipe Wall Composition Explained in Details

The GRP pipe wall, also known, the RTRP/RPMP pipe wall consists of three layers, perfectly adherent to one another and each having ...
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Whoever Needs a Supervisor During GRP Pipe Installation?

Pipe installation is a very straightforward procedure, isn’t it? You produce a pipe, transport it to the site and install it. Most companies think they understand ...
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Full Composite Propulsion System For UAV is Taking Off

Development of Full Composite Propulsion System for UAV is taking off. Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) often need propulsion systems, which allow them to reach the cruising altitude before the automatic...
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TOPFIBRA Involved in the Aerospace Industry’s Satellite Sector

TOPFIBRA has signed a Letter of Intent with GAUSS Srl for the implementation of the Filament Winding technology in the aerospace industry’s satellite sector.
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