You need to reduce the GRP production costs and improve your company’s profitability.

I would like to share a deep belief with you:

due to all the severe droughts developing worldwide, fresh water is becoming one of our most precious resources, due to its increasingly limited availability. The cars may be electric, or maybe we might be able to fly to Mars, but every person on Earth needs water to survive, for their regular activities and habits. Thus, we need to transport water safely and with the lowest energy possible. It is the only way to improve our lives.

I deeply believe that GRP pipes are the most effective and efficient way to transport water, considering all their advantages and excellent properties. I have therefore decided to share with you my 15-year experience, visiting successful and non-successful GRP production companies all over the world, and to analyze what they have in common.

One of the recurring requests that I hear from many companies is “I need to reduce the GRP production cost”. Immediately after, they start explaining to me all the improvements that they have performed, with minimum or even zero results.

The Production manager is under pressure, the team feels stressed.

Sounds familiar?

When I start to investigate the said improvements, the conclusion is the following: good improvements implemented at the wrong moment. After the explanation regarding the “wrong timing”, the following question usually posed to me is:

“How do I know when the moment is correct”?

The answer is simple: you need a rational and deeply analytical approach to improve your production line.

You will agree that in GRP pipe production technology, a unique recipe, a unique raw material or a mix of raw materials, or an optimal process that would ensure the optimal cost, does not exist. Also, imagining a “typical plant layout” or a “perfect configuration” of a CFW Line, which would work in any GRP production plant worldwide, is the easiest way to lose profit during production.

So, which is the best way to proceed?

To answer that question, I need to introduce the method to you that is one of the most important parts of our Effective Filament Winding® Technology. A method designed to ensure profit-making in the filament winding industry.

But unfortunately, it is not enough!

This method works only if it is applied correctly and if you are ready to accept new challenges.

Successful GRP companies continuously challenge the inertia that usually stops them.

I want to be brief and get to the point.

In the world of GRP, there are mainly 5 concepts that you need to have in mind, just five primary concepts for process and production optimization:


Be effective and only then you can be efficient;

    1. Fight against the statement: “We have always done it this way!”;
    2. Develop a detailed understanding of the production process;
    3. Clearly define the results you need to achieve;
    4. Correct all the activities that do not allow you to achieve your goals.
    5. Repeat the process optimization loop from the beginning, until optimization has been achieved.

These 5 points will lead you directly to the following benefits:


    • Reduction of GRP production costs and improvement of your company’s profitability;

    • But you need to concentrate on getting orders, to fight every day to solve many challenges. Be sure, we can help you to get your expected results.

Most probably at this moment you are thinking: what if I am a production method consultant, more than an Effective Continuous Filament Winding Lines Manufacturer?

I will answer your question very clearly.

Since 1998, I have been involved in the development of high-efficiency equipment. In 2006, I dedicated my life to the engineering of GRP production equipment. I successfully installed more than 35 plants around the world until 2012.

During 2009 I realized that the equation – produce faster to reduce the costs – was not working anymore. As a result, a lot of GRP companies struggled and even closed down.

Using my experience, I decided to fight the problem and find a solution for it by analyzing all the GRP continuous processes and other most innovative techniques on the market.

After seven years of studies and research, tests and improvement on existing GRP plants, I decided to offer the EFFECTIVE FILAMENT WINDING TECHNOLOGY to the market.


Many Continuous Filament Winding Plants (standard CFW technology) have been corrected thanks to the EFW technology applied in production departments. Combined with the direct experience of some of my customers who achieved excellent results.

So, I can say that the EFFECTIVE FILAMENT WINDING Technology is not just a theoretical approach, but it is a powerful mix between advanced calculations and the knowledge of the production departments.

But the EFW technology needed a more powerful and advanced GRP production equipment. That is why we decided that we want to be able to control all the production parameters in real time. As a result we started a new era in the GRP production with our Effective (Continuous) Filament winding Lines.

Thanks to the EFW equipment, our customers are taking advantage of the wave of the crisis, turning the challenges into OPPORTUNITIES.

Do not worry if your own a standard CFW production line, because our support department will help you to make some initial improvements (in the technology and equipment) and improve your margins.

Next step: a new Effective Continuous Production Line controlled by our EFW technology, boosting your profits.

I will NEVER stop reiterating that you can:



This method of production is essential for any company that wants to be on the cutting edge of technology. Meaning keeping up with the times and that it wants to be successful, producing efficiently and rapidly.

Contact us now and ask for a FREE consultation with one of our TECHNICAL support managers.

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