Mauricio and Fabio

Unleash Your GRP Plant’s Potential: Set the Right Processes for Constant Efficiency and High Product Standards

Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) materials have emerged as a game-changer in the water industry, revolutionizing the way we approach infrastructure development and water management.
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CFW technology upgrade: your go-to for cost reduction

One of the recurring requests that I hear from many companies is about CFW line cost reduction. The team feels stressed. Sounds familiar?
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Fiber tension

Achieve the EFW equation: Higher performance = higher profits

Discover what effects the physical and mechanical properties of your grp pipes can have and how they could boost your business profit.
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GRP production plant

Achieve Maximum Plant Efficiency By Eliminating Downtimes

The importance of specialized ASSISTANCE and MAINTENANCE is underestimated! To achieve maximum plant efficiency you need to focus ...
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Topfibra filament winding machine

GRP PIPES – Satisfactory Solution in Many Applications

Do you wish to understand how to choose a GRP pipe production line and immediately obtain maximum profit, minimizing the risks?
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topfibra fw poles

FRP Poles, Produced with the FW Technology, Save Lives.

I would like will explain their characteristics to you, so you will be able to see the advantages of the FRP poles as regards their safety and cost-effectiveness.
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Filament winding

What Is the Secret of Effective Filament Winding?

No matter who you are, your investment goals are likely to be similar to those of the rest of us: you want to grow your money. I understand you very well. You work hard and you have to plan carefully how to invest your hard-earned money.
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Save Money in Your FW Process with Optimal Infrared (IR) Curing

When choosing Filament Winding technology for your company, doubts can cloud rational thinking.

What exactly can a company do

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