Advancements and Benefits of GRP Pipes in Water and Wastewater Infrastructure

Water and wastewater infrastructure plays a vital role in ensuring the well-being and sustainability of our communities. As the demand for efficient, durable, and cost-effective solutions increases, the industry has turned its gaze toward GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) pipes. While the advancements and benefits of GRP pipes are widely acknowledged, this article aims to delve deeper and explore their revolutionary potential from various angles.
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GRP production plant

Higher stiffness required. A deadly trap for your GRP pipeline?

In order that your GRP pipes perform in the best possible way, they must be designed and produced taking the infrastructure design and the installation conditions into consideration.
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Another Step Towards the Most Cost-effective GRP Pipe

Avoid tears on the liner, compromising the water tightness of the GRP pipe with our new E-AD4000 high performance accelerator system.
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the guessing game in GRP

Stop Playing The Guessing Game With GRP!

In the best interest of your business, your strategy to ensure success in the GRP market needs a rational and deep analytical approach. Read more about it here ...
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Facing the water scarcity problem with GRP pipes

Facing The Water Scarcity Problem With GRP Pipes

Over the past decades, dramatic increases in population and quality of life have led to ever-growing climate change ...
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The world yearns for GRP pipes

Stand Out Amongst The Crowd

If you intend to maximize your return on investment in the composites market make sure to read our new blog post.
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Process makro

Improve Your Continuous Filament Winding GRP Production

Did you ever calibrate the resin pumps of a dosing system for GRP pipe production?
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Do You Know How Much the Maximum Flow Velocity in a GRP Pipe is?

The generally accepted economic flow velocity for water supply pipelines is in the range of 1–3,5 m/s. The maximum recommended flow velocity for a GRP pipe is 5-6 m/s.
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GRP pipeline

Avoid That the Most Important Project Becomes a Big Problem

Do you know such feeling when you are about to start a fascinating project where you put all your expectations that bases on your success your future strategies?
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