CFW technology upgrade: your go-to for cost reduction

One of the recurring requests that I hear from many companies is about CFW line cost reduction. The team feels stressed. Sounds familiar?
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Higher stiffness required! A deadly trap for your grp pipeline?

in order that your GRP pipes perform in the best possible way, they must be designed and produced taking the infrastructure design and the installation conditions into consideration.
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Achieve the EFW equation: Higher performance = higher profits

Discover what effects the physical and mechanical properties of your grp pipes can have and how they could boost your business profit.
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the guessing game in GRP

Stop Playing The Guessing Game With GRP!

In the best interest of your business, your strategy to ensure success in the GRP market needs a rational and deep analytical approach. Read more about it here ...
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Pump Calibration – A Nightmare, on Standard CFW Machines!

We all know very well that your plant downtime is the period during which the plant is off-line and

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Profit Per Meter Of The Installed And Tested GRP Pipe Featured Image

One Decision to Achieve Goals in The Filament Winding Industry

Read how our profit insuring approach is structured, step by step, and discover the 3 questions which will really help you understand the right path for your company!
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The Return Of Investment For The Filament Winding Industry

Only a correctly calculated ROI will tell you if you’re actually making money. Discover what you need to include in your equation and how you can earn more profit.
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Defeat Your Competitors Using The EFW® Technology

Would you like to know how to defeat your competitors using the Effective Filament Winding® method supercharged by our new concept of continuous filament winding lines?
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TOPFIBRA gas cylinder

Our EFW Technology Proves Successful Once Again

TOPFIBRA's Effective Filament Winding method proves successful once again. When you are completely dedicated and passionate about investing in a technology, you have a picture...
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