Effective Filament Winding Method

Defeat Your Competitors Using The EFW® Technology

Would you like to know how to defeat your competitors using the Effective Filament Winding® method supercharged by our new concept of continuous filament winding lines?
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GRP Production

GRP Production And The Untold Truth About It

If your aim is to maximize your return on an investment in the composites market and you want to know how to reach the expected results using Continuous Filament Winding technology, this article is crucial for you!
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GRP pipe instalation

TIPS for Above and Below Ground GRP Pipe Installation

I compiled a collection of tips that I believe would be helpful for you. The installation of GRP pipes above and below ground can be tricky, but following these tips should ensure that you have a smoother installation.
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RTRP, GRP or FRP? Find the Answers Today

Get your answers to your recurring questions about the filament winding products. I wrote a new article explaining everything in detail. Take your time and read through it to find the RIGHT answers today!
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GRP pipe structure

The GRP Pipe Wall Composition Explained in Details

The GRP pipe wall, also known, the RTRP/RPMP pipe wall consists of three layers, perfectly adherent to one another and each having ...
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Effective Filament Winding Supervision

Who Needs a Supervisor During GRP Pipe Installation?

Pipe installation is a very straightforward procedure, isn’t it? You produce a pipe, transport it to the site and install it. Most companies think they understand ...
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UAV effective filament winding

Full Composite Propulsion System For UAV is Taking Off

Development of Full Composite Propulsion System for UAV is taking off. Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) often need propulsion systems, which allow them to reach the cruising altitude before the automatic...
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effective filament winding grp pipes

Understand The GRP Pipes’ Viscoelastic Behaviour

In order to have a good understanding of how the GRP pipes behave, we must understand the structural response of the structural plastics. The relationship between the stress and...
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Topfibra GRP pipe image

GRP Pipes – Do You Know Everything About Them?

Selling GRP pipes is a lot like dating. What most companies do is: they go out into the marketplace, push offers to prospects and ask complete strangers to marry them! Don't be like other companies!
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