The generally accepted economic flow velocity for water supply pipelines is in the range of 1–3,5 m/s. The maximum recommended flow velocity for a GRP pipe is 5-6 m/s.

Although, depending on conditions, it is possible to use velocities a little bit higher than 6 m/s. Certainly, velocity profiles, misaligned joints, type of vortices as well as joints and special liners must be taken into account. Granted, if the water is clean and without abrasive materials.

Did you check the flow velocity in your project?

In our world, there are no misfortunes, but latent dangers that must be found and resolved before it is too late. In fact, we use the EFW Technology to catch the latent dangers.

The quality of a system depends on the product and supervisor’s ability to detect the problems during the installation phase.

We use our experience and knowledge of the fiber-reinforced plastics and GRP pipe behavior and combine it together with proper installation guidelines. That is how we achieve successful site testing.


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