Follow a 100% Analytical approach in the glass reinforced pipe market, through the Effective Filament Winding® Method

In the best interest of your business, your strategy to ensure success in the GRP market needs a rational and deeply analytical approach.

In the GRP pipe production technology, a unique recipe, a unique raw material or a mix of raw materials does not exist. Neither does an optimal process that would ensure the optimal cost.

Imagining that a “typical plant layout” or a “perfect configuration” of a Continuous Filament Winding Line which would work in any GRP production plant worldwide is the easiest way to lose profit during production.

So, which is the best way to proceed? Before I reveal the 4 steps that will lead you to highlight and analyse the infinite, critical variables and options, I would like to share an important statement with you:

“In the Filament Winding Industry, where the raw material costs are high, you first need to be effective and only then can you work on the efficiency.”

The problem or question, therefore, shifts to “how to work every single day, so that all the actions and processes lead to effectiveness?”

To answer this question, I need to introduce some concepts of our Effective Filament Winding® method, the first-ever method that we designed and continuously apply to ensure profit-making in the filament winding industry.


What is the Effective Filament Winding® Method?

This EFW® Method is being applied in several GRP production plants and is becoming a revolutionary production mentality the world over. The results are cost and waste reduction, improving and increasing production flow and final product technical specifications.

In short, the Effective Filament Winding® Method is a 100% analytical, continuous improvement, promoting system-wide effectiveness and efficiency.

The Effective Filament Winding® Method is more than just a better way to design a complete manufacturing Plant. Or design, produce and install GRP pipes. Essentially, it is a school of thought. There are many notions that make up this school of thought. Much of the power of this system is contained in just five primary concepts for process and product optimisation:

  • Be effective and only then you can be efficient;
  • Fight against the statement: “We’ve always done it this way”;
  • Develop a detailed understanding of the production process;
  • Clearly define the results you need to achieve;
  • Correct all the activities that don’t allow you to achieve these results;
  • Repeat the process optimisation loop from the beginning, until optimisation has been achieved.

How the EFW® Method works

Bearing these principles in mind, and if you are in the initial phase of the GRP investment, you have the possibility to ensure its success if your actions follow 4 clear steps:


Ensure that you get a clear picture of the conceptual scope of supply for your investment, considering your market, the type of production required, the capacity of the Plant, etc.


Identify and clarify all your concerns and doubts inherent to the previous step. Specifically those related to your future production plant, land and buildings, sourcing logistics and costing for raw material, labor, prices of local and imported GRP pipes, etc.


You will need to get the necessary information to start composing the structure of the investment, such as the scope of supply of the technology provider, manpower needs for the plant installation, commission and production, the possibility of producing some equipment or components locally, etc.


You will need to define and obtain information that may impact on your financial plan and project time frame, such as local restrictions for logistics and imports, particular bureaucratic conditions, payment conditions, etc.

Investing in the GRP technologies

Most importantly, do not underestimate any of the previous steps. There is a major difference between investing in GRP pipe production and investing in the production of pipes composed of other materials.

Investment in GRP technologies implies a significantly greater effort from an analysis point of view.

The only way forward is for you to look for hands-on assistance, focused on turning your investment into a finely tuned armored vehicle that will guarantee your profits with maximum reliably and predictably, without fail!

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